WD Security Not finding Passport drive

I updated passport firmware and wd security to todays (4/25/14) version.  I have been using the passport device for a half year using the front compter’s usb 3 port without issue.  Now I am experimentating with the wd security software product.  Unfortunatly it cannot find the passport drive.  I have tried safely removing and reinserting passport while the wd security program is running.  It never shows up.  If I plug the passport into a usb 2 hub, it finds it and I can do the security at usb 2 speeds though.  Any ideas how to make the software work with the usb 3.0 port?  I don;t see any way to manually point to a drive so I must assume there is a software bug that does not properly find drives.  Any ideas?  Thanks.  

Do you have usb 3.0 ports in the back of the PC?

There’s a known issues with certain computer’s front ports not providing enough power on the front usb ports hence the drive will not be detected.

You can also try updating the drivers for the ports.

Visit the website for the computer manufacturer for the latest drivers available.

The passport drive works fine in any usb port I plug it in, usb3 or usb2.  It’s just the WD Security program can’t find it unless in a usb 2 port.  Windows explorer (win 8.1) shows passport clearly and can access it from any port I’ve tried.  My guess is WD has an enumeration bug of some kind in it’s software.  Thanks.