WD Security not accepting password


The WD Unlocker works fine with my portable HDD. It automatically unlocks the main partition, and I can access all the files.

The problem is that I want to reset the password, but “WD Security” is not accepting my password. Is there a non-destructive way to reset the password, once the Unlocker has unlocked the partition?


Western Digital My Passport 0748 USB 1.82TB

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Thank you.


The only way to reset the password without WD unlocker is to format the drive. This will delete everything from the drive including the password.

Hello HDKnows,

Thanks for your reply. But just to clarify:  my “WD Unlocker” _ is _ working fine. The drive is unlocked.  You are saying that the answer is the same – reformat the drive – whether or not the drive is unlcoked, yes?

  • Rich 


If the drive is already unlocked you should be able to reset the password trough the WD Smartware settings.