WD SE model update

I notice a newer version of the SE drive, the 1TB appears to be using 1TB platters vs 800 and thus the number change plus doubling the cache from 64 to 128.

I would expect all sizes will ramp up and this also makes possible for a SE 5TB drive which would be great to push down the cost of the 4TB and 3TB.

They should be faster in theory with higher arial density and tracking plus the extra cache for deep queue’s.

Is this plan in the works and what timeframe for the update is forcasted?


I recommend you post this in the Ideas Section.

Internal Drive Ideas

It’s not so much an idea as what will come as WD takes tech they already have and apply it up the chain of a product line.

WD has been doing this for many years, updating a drive line usually with a number revision but not always.