WD SE Enterprise

Hello fellow WD users.

Im looking for some new HDD’s for my upcoming fileserver, and have been looking at the SE Enterprise, mainly because of the reliability that they say these drives have.


Quote from www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=1050

Designed for quality and reliability. All drives undergo at least 5 million hours of functional testing, and over 20 million hours of additional testing under actual workloads in actual server and storage systems.

Do these drives really come from the Aztec time? Like 800+ years BC

And is it possible to get some of today’s tech on harddrives?

But is worth spending the extra cash on these disk? Or should I just stick with the normal type.

Not going to save anything I can’t lose on them, and if Im going to I will do a backup. :slight_smile:


The SE drives are very good units. The testing times listed have to be aggregates of numerous test drives. I believe that Enterprise drives do get more thorough burn in testing than Consumer drives, but not hundreds of years. The information is poorly stated. I tried to look at that page, but the main WDC site is being sluggish at the moment.

My experience with SE drives EDIT, CORRECTION: RE drives is that they are quite fast. They have features which make them ideal for RAIDs, but they are good running solo, too. They should be quite durable.