WD Se 6 TB in My Cloud?

hello, i´m new to the community.
is it possible to install a WD Se:
Western Digital Se 6TB WD6001F9YZ SATA-6G 3.5" 7200U/Min 128MB
in My Cloud personal cloud storage?
if so. what are the steps on a mac?

thank you

Your question is somewhat confusing. What My Cloud model do you have or are you looking at purchasing?
If you have or want to purchase a single bay My Cloud, they already come with a hard drive.
If one has an empty single bay My Cloud enclosure (one lacking a hard drive) one can put almost any SATA compatible hard drive into the single bay My Cloud enclosure.
One must however run one of the various “unbrick” procedures to properly partition the new hard drive and install the My Cloud firmware to that drive before they mount it into the single bay My Cloud enclosure.

If you haven’t done so already you may want to read the My Cloud User Manual for your particular My Cloud device/model to learn its features and options.

Do a forum search for “unbrick” or “unbricking” to find the numerous threads that cover how to properly partition the hard drive and install the firmware. Note, because there are now two different versions (the older v3.x/v4x and the newer v2.x) of the single bay My Cloud enclosure one needs to ensure they use the right firmware for their version when unbricking.

I have replaced the hard drive within a single bay My Cloud on several occasions. Currently running a Seagate 1TB drive in it. I used the directions I posted in the following thread/post. The directions I used worked for me to solve the problem that happens to some when unbricking to the v3.x firmware and upgrading to v4.x firmware causes the My Cloud Dashboard to no longer load.