Wd screwed up site

My passport is not being reconized on one of myt vista machines.  I thought I would come to the WD website.  It turns out that there help is no better than going to Emerson Electronics for help…you just go of into la-la land.  wd has lost me as a customer which also means Seagate.  I’ll find what I need elsewhere, screw WD

What is the problem with Vista?  Does it work on other pc’s? 

“What is the problem with Vista?  Does it work on other pc’s?”

Bill_S, are you serious?

Denali’s issue wasn’t with Vista, it was with the passport drive. Hence their coming to this community site for help & support. And regarding your 2nd question in response – by denali stating that the drive was not recognised on one machine, one could assume that it was recognised on others!

I have owned a Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB portable hard drive for 1 month and like denali, I have lost patience with Western Digital. The Smartware software fails to recognise system dates in any other format but American, the USB cable disconnects when the hard drive is slightly moved, and support staff fail to resolve any issues, USB pen drives sometimes fail to be recognised and new or modified data is not always backed up.

May I suggest that if support staff can’t respond with worthwhile solutions, it may be best not to respond at all!


First of all, if you actually read his post, you’d see that he said “My passport is not being reconized on one of myt (sic) vista machines.”  Which means that maybe it was working on others - not that it meant it was, mind you, but I thought I’d ask. 

Secondly, if it was working on other pc’s, then it could be an issue with his USB not supplying enough power to spin up the drive.  In which case, I would have suggested that he get a power booster cable.

Thirdly, I was also looking for information from him, so that I could escalate his case over to tech support, and maybe get him some help if he wanted it.

So, if you still think that I’m stupid and have nothing to offer, then I apologize for having responded.