WD screensaver logo

Is there a way to remove the Western Digital screensaver logo and replace it with an image of your choosing?

I’ve tried to do this on various themes, but no luck.

I think there was a post detailing how to do it, but nothing is coming up via search.


I am not exactly sure which image file in the themes folder is the ricght one. However, the logo just shows up twice:



Just try one after the other to replace them.

Yeah, I figured it out pretty much 5 minutes after I made the post. There’s 4 images that it could be.

I just changed all of them and it works.





I’m wondering if you can just set that image to whatever size you want though.

I made it the same dimensions as the WD logo and it works.

I’ve mentioned this on the beta forums cause it’s annoying the **bleep** out of me especially as Screensaver Style > Folder Photo Slideshow does not work so I can’t use a black.jpg as my screensave. Fennec, do I get this straight, that using your method I would loose my WD logo on startup (no biggy) but can only do so when using a different theme from the default one?


I see no reason why a black image would not work for the screensaver photo slideshow. I was using photo slideshow last night as a screesaver. Worked perfectly fine for me…I was more interested in changing the WD screensaver logo though because it utilizes an image directly from whatever theme you are using via the SMP’s flash storage. I’d rather the SMP produce the screensaver then have the SMP access photos from my external HD for photo slideshow. Because my external HD will not go into sleep mode via this method and sometimes I leave my devices idle for a while. I don’t want to age my external’s running photos.

I did not reboot my device to see if I lost my WD startup logo. Granted I didn’t need to change the 4 files mentioned. It’s just 1 of the 4 I mentioned. I did not feel like deleting the theme and re-upping it 4 times to figure out which one it was, because it was very late at night.

You could change the WD logo to a black image. I’d use the same dimensions/naming convention of the file you are changing just to be 100% sure it will work - I’m gonna test that out next weekend to see if the SMP will run an image larger than the WD logo. As for having to use a different theme to change the WD logo screensaver - I hate Mochi personally. I use Alaska. I made some edits to it recently and I’m gonna post some screen shots next weekend. If you use Mochi I don’t know what to suggest. I think you can find Mochi in zip format some where to upload it to your SMP - changing only the WD screensaver logo.

I think the actual WD start up logo is in the firmware. On my SMP the screensaver_background.png will change the themers load up screen & the welcome_logo.png will change the screensaver.


How do you view the files on the SMP?

If you’re referring to the Mochi SMP theme files, I don’t know. I do know that the guys on the HUB side in the theme section have the Mochi theme files, but I haven’t seen it around here for the SMP.

I use Alaska theme, so I can edit whatever files I want from the Alaska zip file.

The Alaska theme is on page 2 of this forum. All you have to do is download the zip file then you can look at/alter whatever you want.

The theme file(s) for the SMP is located within the GPL firmware download for the SMP from the Western Digital site.  The link is below:

GPL Code

You need to download the large (843MB) GPL code file for 1.06.04.  It will come as a zip file.  Within this file, you need to navigate to the location of the xml files.  I can’t remeber the exact location since it has been awhile since I donwloaded this file.  The eastiest way is to locate the xml files is to do a search for *.xml in a finder.   Once you’ve located the xml files, you’ll need to extract all of the xml files along with the image & screenshot folders.  These files are what the stock (Mochi) theme is comprised of.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to ask any questions on the above if you have any. 

Fennec wrote:
I see no reason why a black image would not work for the screensaver photo slideshow. I was using photo slideshow last night as a screesaver. Worked perfectly fine for me…

That’s weird cause I’ve been trying this over several firmware revisions and always only get the WD logo. I can however watch the black.jpg via Photos so I know the file itself is ok.

Dunno what to say.

I just select photo slideshow and point it to a “photos” album on my external HD and it reads the photos in the folder.

So to answer some of the question here.

The “welcome_logo.png” image is the screensaver icon.  The “Screensaver_Background.jpg” is the welcome screen, but it only shows when you start your SMP from standby, you can not change the weclome screen that displays when starting from  power off.

Also, the GPL does not contain the OSD (Mochi theme), the theme in the GPL is the Legacy theme and it does not  contain all the theme images and xmls.  To get the complete theme you need the OSD from the FW, this is no longer possible to get since WD has put new encryption on the FW.  The closest that you can get is the OSD from the last FW which I could extract the OSD from (which was from the 2.08 FW for the HUB).   And the HUB and the SMP Mochi themes are basically the same.  You can get the 2.08 OSD folder from HERE.

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According to the WDLXTV guys, the WDTV Live SMP GPL code cannot be compiled. Any attempts to compile the code and update the firmware will brick the WDTV Live SMP.

This isnt’ about compiling the GPL, it’s about extracting the Theme.

Adding the theme does not require compiling anything, on the SMP you just add it through the Web interface.

But as I said, the GPL doesn’t contain the entire Mochi images and xmls, it has the Legacy theme, so if you need or want to have the entire (or at least close to the entire) Mochi theme you need to download the OSD from the link above.

Hey TW - or anyone else. Do you know if you can exchange the WD screensaver logo for a much larger screensaver image or does it need to be the same dimensions as the WD screensaver logo? I would check myself but I don’t have my device here. Also wondering if constantly deleting and uploading themes to the SMP (for the sake of buildings themes) would prematurely age the device/cause issues down the road.


I believe that the logo is hard coded in the firmware.  I haven’t tried to make it any bigger, but if you want to try it shouldn’t hurt anything by placing a larger image in the theme.  The only thing that would happen is that it will either get cropped, it will be scaled or it want show up at all.

There’s no xml that you can change, though, that will allow you to alter the logo.

Eh? The Logo isn’t hard-coded into the device. I changed it to a photo of a minion from Despicable Me last weekend. :smiley:
I just re-sized the image dimensions to that of the WD screensaver logo.

Sorry, what I meant is that it’s hard coded as far a the dimensions, and actions.

Yes, I’m ware it can be changed, Mojo has my avatar for the logo.

@techflaws I had the same idea to use a small black picture and use it with the slideshow screensaver option to get rid of the WD logo. But first I used one image and experienced the same problem as you. The WD logo still appeared. But then I copied the black picture a couple of times in the folder and then it works perfectly! You need more then one image to start the slide show. Now I have a black / blank screen when listening to music :slight_smile: Martin

About the hard-coded size/behaviour of  the  screen-saver  with a different welcome_logo.png.

I changed the welcome_logo.png to a flying bird like twitter logos (there a hundreds of it in the web).

It works fine even with a larger resoution of 256 x 256 pixels, so just perhaps it is a littlebit bigger than the boring WD-logo.