WD Screen saver starts in middle of movie

I noticed lately, long after the latest firmware, that sometimes the WD Screensaver starts while I’m watching a movie, weird …just started happening…I turned it off (I think)…just wondering why

maybe you paused the movie?

This just happened, first time, after a month of usage.

No - the movie is not paused - it is active.

It did not happen yesterday nor any other day.

We didn’t install any updates unless it did so of its own accord. The only update occurred when it was first installed.

Once it started, after about 30 minutes of viewing, it kept happening about every three to four minutes.

Are you running the latest firmware? 


Yes, latest firmware.

Thank you.

Try resetting to factory defaults via the internal menu. 

We’ve done a Reset.

Thank you.

Not a desired solution; for now, we’ve shut off the screensaver to watch movies/TV program.

Hi, I’ve just updated the firmware and have the same issue.