WD Scorpio Blue (WD5000BEVT) power issue - 5x times snarling then shuts off

Hi all,

please help me. I have damaged a internal 2.5" SATA disk from my laptop - WD Scorpio Blue - WD5000BEVT. There is a issue with starting up of the power engine. I can hear 5x times snarling sounds, then HDD shuts off - you can see and hear it on the video at below. I can see the hard disk as the unknown device on my Windows OS.

Any ideas ? Help me please. Thanks !


If the drive shuts down, then it’s failed. You need to replace the drive. hopefully, you had your data backed up, otherwise, you’re looking at data recovery.


I found the same sounds of my HDD at the webpage: http://datacent.com/datarecovery/hdd/western_digital/WD5000BEVT-00ZAT0

I found and got myself a second the same WD drive by DCM code label on the disc. After opening the hard drive I discovered a stuck her head on the plate. Then I head released as instruction on YouTube - by moving into the parking area. Upper head of drive was ingrained on the plate and thus broke away. On the drive plate remained microscopic scratch. I replaced the head from second disk. Currently disk works, but quite problematic - data transfer rate is very low - there there are also problems with the uploaded file. I hope it will be enough to save the data.

If you opened the drive then it’s pretty much toast. But hey, if you can get most of your data off it, then awesome!

Yes, that’s true. Standard home rooms are full of dust mites. The problem is also the lack of tools. But… no pain no gain :slight_smile: . It’s very dangerous… the plates contain highly sensitive surface material. Head after the mechanical side is very sensitive to damage.

Something is wrong in my hard drive, but I hope it will be possible to save all data. Kopúrovanie will be conducted - but very slowly :confused: .

Well, good luck with it…