WD Scorpio Blue wd10tpvt

Novice trying to sort out her own problem with an external hard drive. Can anyone help?

The hard drive came as a buffalo 1tb external storage device. The outer casing which has the software is not working so I now have an adaptor that connects the actual WD hard drive to my laptop. Only problem is I can’t find the software so I still can’t load the device to view what is stored on there which happens to be years of photos and movies and Itunes! Can anyone help with this? Eternally hopeful… Linda :slight_smile:

You may need to check with Buffalo to see what kind of file format they use on their drives.  If it’s Linux, then you’ll need a Linux computer to see the files.

Is the buffalo your speaking of a black box, that has a silverish square in the center ? If it is it should be NTFS.  Can you give us a model number ?