WD Scorpio Blue PATA drive - can it work 24/7?


I’ve been wondering - can I use the WD Scorpio Blue drive 24/7 for a longer time (months, possibly years)? Are there any technical limitations this drive has that would make it ‘not advised’? The drive would hold a linux OS that apart from working would not use the HDD too much (the core function of the device does not require HDD access). The drive I have is the following:


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This drive is designed for home use and for that reason, I can not tell you if it will work 24/7.

In the other hand, if the room is well ventilated and the temperature is controlled you might have a shot a it.

Technically, it should, and you should also do as ERmorel suggested.

You should also monitor the SMART attribute called Load Cycle Count. From what I know, idle3 will autopark every 8 seconds and Linux writes to the hard disk a couple of seconds after that. So this will cause the LCC to increase and rumors say a high LCC count could shorten the life of the hard disk. There is idle3-tools available for Linux to tweak the value

if you have a good drive it should last long

ahaha one friend of mine has an older green wd 1TB with 4 platters still spinning 24/7 on a linux server with more than 2000 days power on time

its still 100/100