WD Scorpio Black - Slow

I have a WD Scorpio Black HDD (500 GB I think) The problem I have with it is that is is S L O W. Programs take forever to respond. My laptop specs are Core i5 2520m, 4 GB DDR3 Ram, Windows 7 Home Premium. Adobe Photoshop takes forever to load.

Why is this drive so slow? When I shut down it is always telling me it is waiting for a program to shut down. It will do it for like 3 programs. (none are running, just a few programs in the lower right notification bar)

I installed a SSD drive 120 GB but I am running out of space and would like to go back to the Scorpio. 

Any way I can speed this up? 



Might be a software problem instead of the hard drive, you can download DLG and run a test to verify that.

There seems to be a problem with it. I started a new topic regarding the failure…


Could we see a HD Tune read benchmark graph?



There are a few dips in performance which could point to bad sectors but they could also be the result of interference by other Windows tasks. Unless there are reallocated, pending, or uncorrectable sectors under the Health tab, I can’t see anything that would explain the extreme slowness that you are referring to.

That said, the other thread does indicate that your drive has bad sectors, and the graph does suggest that the dips are at the beginning of the drive, possibly in the OS region …