WD Scorpio Black New Sticker Design?

Recently acquired a Western Digital Scorpio Black 500gb 7200rpm  2.5 Factor. on a Good Local Store.
I don’t open the plastic bag for now.

I Noticed the Sticker at the bottom says “WD Black”
And I already know that all the images I found On Internet have the sticker with “WD Scorpio Black”.

The Hard Drive and all the sticker looks Legit. only changed the part I tell above.
The Date of the Drive Says May 2013
I registered at WD site and says that product code is WD5000BPKT
and product name is “WD Scorpio Black SATA Hard Drive 500 GB”
the only down point says that is out of region warranty.

Is there any chance that WD do a New Modified Sticker with words “WD Black” instead “WD Scorpio Black” for this Hard Drive?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, yes, WD is simplifying the name for the internal hard drives. You can see your model on the following link.