WD RX 4100 essentials to standard

Can this device be upgraded to storage server 2008 R2 standard and if so how is this accomplished?

We have more than 25 users, is there a workaround that will work.

An upgrade is not supported by WD.  I think some folks have said they just stuck in the 2008R2 and ran upgrade.  But I am not brave enough to try it.

Uprgades are supported by Microsoft on the newer versions


I also believe that WD will support upgrades of the DS 5100 or 6100 as they say it can be done in the webinars?

If you want to backup more than 25 desktops you can add more RX 4100’s

If you just need more than 25 folks to access files or shares you could just enable the guest account and throw security out the window.

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I am not using the device for backing up desktops, it is just for folks to access files and  shares. The guest account you are talking about is the local guest account on the storage server?

I have tried the upgrade route but the server 2008 R2 will not upgrade storage server 2008 R2.

Sorry now that I think about it the Guest account does not show up in the users tab when joined to a Domain.  I will just have to join one to a domain this weekend and play with it.

I am also testing it out this weekend and I will test it out in a production environment on monday. I also have sent an email to WD and I am hopping that I will soon get a reply.

When using the RX 4100 without the dashboard, the device works well for shares. It appears that the 25 user limit is only when you use the Dashboard.

I have as many as 47 users accessing the device at any given time.