WD Router: Please, add more dynamic DNS providers or even better, make it configurable

I recently switched to a N600 router and discovered that I can only choose between two Dynamic DNS providers (dyndns.org and TZO).  Because there are more providers out there I would really appreciate it, if the router software would add more providers to the option list or make it just configurable, I am sure many people out there have written there own dynamic DNS service (non-commercial) they would like to be able to use them.

Solution 1) Add the following dynamic DNS provider to the list: " http://www.szcloud.de/index.php/en/"

(That’s the one I am paying for)

Solution 2) Make it configurable, so the user can add any DNS server manually.



how about adding a godaddy account for the ddns? i just created one and now i realize i can not do what i wanted to do with it because its not in the choices to pick from. kinda bummed about that.