WD RMA worst customer service ever- Will be getting rid of their products over it

I have purchased the NAS PR2100 and have had nothing but troubles with the RED drives, I created an RMA June, and waited like 2 months for a response. When I finally got the drives back in November they sent me generic drives instead of the REDs. The customer service said they were red drives and when I sent him the photo he disappeared. Now i find a new RMA has been created and have to do the same package and send all over again. It has now been close to 9 months of this BS.

Im ready to throw this piece of ■■■■ NAS out with the generic drives I never paid for. Great customer service!

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Can someone please tell me if WD RED Drives still have that “Red” label on the drive casing?

Had a red drive replaced under warranty and they sent a recertified drive. That drive didn’t work. I’m still waiting on a replacement. No communication. Terrible.

The last drive I bought had the red label. I’m done with western digital now.

I have spent a year now returning and receiving two RED drives that failed and they replaced under warranty… Do you believe after escalating the matter and being fobbed off by someone in customer service, I now just received my new drives and again- STILL NOT RED DRIVES I PAID FOR!

They sent me generic drives again!

WD has pretty much ripped me off, actual fraudulent behaviour which i will now take up with the ombudsman in Victoria.

First their RED drives failed miserably as I was reading online that they use SMR technology to save money

They have also cost me loss of work and twice the freight costs for nothing.

Hi, I’ve open an RMA on 9 September 2021 for an hd nas red buyed broken. No valid information has been given to me and no new HD send to me. Customer care are ridicolous… I think I loss my money…

So its been more than 2 months since I opened this complaint and guess what response i have received from WD?


I tossed the NAS and their “fake” RED Drives in the bin.
They’re a piece of ■■■■ company that only got big through the bribes they did with PC manufacturers to become their choice of OEM.

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