WD RMA system has spelling errors, invalid links, doesn't update - shockingly horrible

WD stock should fall more than 50% that it already has from $70 to $35.

They can’t even spell WARRANTY correctly. Look:

This RMA actually did ship eventually, but lost because never was notified.

It is very scary how bad WD has become. They are not updating RMA’s. You can sign up for SMS notification, but you will not get notified because their RMA status page does not update, and then sometimes they ship, and you won’t know it because it just says pending and no tracking, and no SMS notifications are working… and they have typos on their website… and the packing information section on the instructions page gives false links that go no where:

makes one wonder if WD has been hacked and its a phishing website or really WD anymore.

i know partners that have waited 1+ month and their RMA has not shipped, but they were still charged $25 non-refundable fee for doing an RMA.

Yes, the website is hilariously bad. After getting a bunch of STATCODE errors this week, it now says “RMAs are disabled.” So I guess I’ll make another account next week and keep trying.