WD Remote IPhone App works intermitently

I Have a WD TV LIVE Gen3 with the latest firmware and also an Iphone 4 with IOS5.1.

The WD TV Live is connected to a Wired Connection with fixed ip address.

The Iphone is connectec through wireless connection and has an IP address on the same range as the WD TV LIVE.

No firewall on the router or anything.

The WD TV Live connects fine to the Internet and I can access files on an NFS Server I have without a glitch.

The problem is when using the WD Remote IPhone App. Sometimes it detects the WD LIVE sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense. Sometimes while connected to the Live it looses the connection and stops seeing it. 

I would like to request to please ADD a configuration tab to the app so that we can mannually add the devices as store it so that the app doesn’t have to look for the Live each time it starts. Altough easier this method has a lot of flaws and simply in my case makes it unusable.

Anyone with the same issues?

You may try resetting the Streaming, by holding its reset button for 1 second.  You may also uninstall/reinstall wd remote from your iPhone.

For suggestion in how WD Remote can be improved you can post it here.