WD Remote Application for iPhone

Hi All,

Since the ‘Contact WD via Email’ did not work, I am going to post the email here.

If an OP or WD employee or even a WD user has an answer, that would be greatly appreciated.


Hi There,

I am emailing in regards to the WD Remote application for the iPhone.

Are there any thoughts in the future to update the application to have tactile feedback when operating the various functions of the remote (ie., play, stop, next, home, etc.)?

If not, what is the reasoning for not including this function?

Without tactile feedback, the user is unable to tell if a function has been accessed until the machine follows through with the command.  This process can take time and the button could be pressed several times before the command is followed through, sometime incorrectly.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my concerns with the WD remote application for the iPhone.

Please contact me at the email attached to this message.

Greg Bolton



Thank you for taking the time to post on the WD Community. However, the WD Community is a user to user forum and your request will be best handled trough the WD Support.

What issues were you having with the Email support?

Also you can try contacting WD Support over the phone.

WD Contact info:


Another thing that you can do is to post this request through the ideas board to see if that can be implemented in future updates. 

Link to ideas board:  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Ideas/idb-p/streaming_ideas


Thank you for your reply.

I was unable to send my email to the support staff because WD Remote was not an option as a device.

I was contacted via phone last night by a WD representative, and he stated that he would push my request to the design team.

Thank you for the link to the ideas board.  I will post my comment in the idea board as you have suggested.


Greg Bolton