WD Remote App - iOS5 and iOS6

Brand new WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

Firmware 1.12.14

iPod Touch 3G running iOS5 finds the device

iPad3 running iOS6 cannot find - just searches

I realise there have been various threads about this but is there are definitive answer?

Make sure the iPad is connecting via wifi and not the 3G network

It’s a wifi only iPad

Zappo connected straight away

Same Issue, NOT working the Remote APP

on Live Hub  (latest firmware )  with Iphone  IOS (5.X)

I’ve already looked everywhere, with no success,   NO “offcial” answer to this Issue ???

WD Team .,.,Why offering to your customers & Users, Apps that don’t work,  and even worst, with any response for all the claims in other posts,

–Tnx Gotzu

Had to replace my router due to intermittent ADSL problems. The new router is the same as the old one (TP-Link W8961ND) but a newer version (version 3)

WD Remote connected immediately on my iPad

It also allowed wireless connection to my Sky HD box - previously hadn’t worked