Wd remote app for iphone

Hello, anybody has try the remote app for iphone on the apple store for western digital media players? Few days ago i carry my smp to my sister home for show her. I install the smp in wireless mode (with the wifi connection of my sister home), then i downloaded this app on my iphone. Then all is ok, the app find fast the device and run ok. Well, yesterday i install another time the smp in my home in wired mode, and the app dont find the device…Then i set the smp in wireless mode with the wifi on my home and the app find the device… I back to the wired mode and the app dont find the app. Anybody use this app and run ok with the smp in wired mode?
Thanks and sorry for my bad english…

Hi, the phone and the WDTV must be accessing the router in order for the app to find the WDTV.

I have mine wired and its OK.  But I wonder if there may be an issue if the mode changes.  I’ll try to see if I can reproduce it.

Yes, the phone and the wdtv are connectec to router…

In wireless mode there is no problem all run ok…but when i connect the wdtv wired to router the iphone dont find the wdtv…


Try this: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming-Discussions/WDTV-Remote-app-for-Android-no-longer-works/m-p/501994#M14200

Mine is wired in and the app works fine

i think even if you wired leave the wireless settings setup then mine worked!!

Yes, you have reason, every time that you connect the smp to a wireless network there is a option in the set up menu that leave the settings of this network. But when you set the smp in wired mode my iphone (and the iphone of my wife) don find the device. I need to use the device in wired mode because i have 1080p content in pc.

The problem is your router/AP, as it is seperating wifi and wired devices.

schwurbel wrote:

The problem is your router/AP, as it is seperating wifi and wired devices.

Is possible, but i dont understand very much about routers…can you tell me the way to solve the problem?

What kind of router do yo have? 

my router is: Huawei hg532c



Check if this box is marked: http://screenshots.portforward.com/routers/Huawei/EchoLife_HG532/IGMP_Proxy.htm

If it is, uncheck it and save.