WD Reds show the wrong capacity?

I’m in the process of dismanteling an older Windows server (not my build) that has some WD Red drives, that I would like to repurpose.
I’ve taken out two of the drives, a WD Red 3TB (WD30EFRX) and a WD Red 4TB (WD40EFRX. In the processing of checking them on a Windows 10 PC, using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics, I found that the 3TB is listed as having only a 800 GB capacity and the 4TB is listed as having an 1,6 TB capacity.
Both get a green bill of health from DLD, but obviously something is wrong.

I’ve attached the drives to my Windows 10 PC using a Sharkoon SATA Quickport Dua, over a USB 2.0 connection. I’ve used this device a lot, but never with drives bigger then 2TB. However, it should be able to read 3 and 4 TB drives, I believe.
On de server a program called ‘Drive Bender’ had been installed, according to the previous owner. It allowed him to use the drives as one pool and use redundancy, without using RAID, as far as understand. The drives are now empty, so I cannot use this program anymore.

I’m not an expert by any standard, so I guess I’m overlooking something. Please excuse my noobness.

Is there any way to return the drives to their correct capacity?

Usually installing the drives into a different NAS device will require a formatting procedure on that NAS. This format is not USUALLY readable when connected to a Windows PC. So if you are repurposing the drive to use in another NAS, install and set it up and see what happens.

If repurposing them as HDDs for a Windows PC you could use Windows software MiniTool Partition Wizard (Free) to remove all existing partitions and then create new MBR or GPT partitions and NTFS format them.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I had indeed used Minitool Partition Wizard to remove the partitions, but that didn’t change anything. However, when I connected one of the drives directly tot my Windows PC (not via de Sharkoon Quickport Duo and an USB cable but via a SATA cable on the mainbord) the drive showed up with the correct capacity.
I guess the Sharkoon has its limits.

Thanks again for the help though.

:+1: Like success stories!