WD Red WD60EFRX - SATA3 and NCQ disabled

Hi all,
I hope someone could help me with this, so I’ll try to be brief. I bought 4 WD Red model WD60EFRX from eBay. Two of these drives works only as SATA2 and NCQ is disabled. I used Hard Disk Sentinel and I see that the drives that works as SATA2 have firmware version 01.00F.3, while the ones running at SATA3 speed have firmware version 82.00A82. I attached some print screens, hiding the serial numbers.
Also, another weird thing is that the serial # of the drive running SATA2 cannot be found on WD Warranty status page.
Anyone has any ideea why and what can I do to have the drive running SATA3?

Thank you!