WD Red WD30EFRX - hard drive - 3 TB - SATA-600 - Making more of these?

WDC plan on making anymore of these drives no one has inventory!

Yes I would also like to know about this. Your stock has been empty since mid August!

I came here to post the same question. I’ve been waiting for new stock to show up for a month now. If WD isn’t going to be making them any more I wish they would let us know. If they are, a general idea of when they will be shipped would be nice.

Western Digital - any update on this? I would really like to buy some of these drives! The wait is killing me… any info about future availability and/or what is going on with the supply of these drives would be greatly appreciated.


I have read on forums that rumours says that WD has not calculated the need for these types of HDD. Other rumours says that their might be something wrong with the discs and that’s why all of a sudden the HDD disappeared from the market.

WD please inform about ETA on these hard drives. It’s very frustating having ordered these and they are still out of stock a month after order.

FYI got an update on the issue, WD replied me:

We are currently manufacturing these drives, and we will be shipping them out worldwide through various distribution channels.  Depending on which distributors source your region, will determine how long it takes for the drives to stock stores in your area.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the specifics on when drives may show up in your city.  All we can say, at this moment, is that they are on the way.  I would consider keeping an eye out for stock showing up in online stores that service your region, as well.

Link to other forum thread: http://community.wdc.com/t5/Off-Topic-Discussions/Delivery-issues-regarding-WD10EFRX-WD20EFRX-amp-WD30EFRX/m-p/473122