WD Red SA500 Issues with LSI 9300-8i controller?

I’m running Debian (Devuan) Linux with Kernel 4.9 and ZFS 0.8.2. On Saturday I installed six SA500 2.5" 2TB drives in a raidz2. Have this SuperMicro Chassis with a SAS3 Backplane connected with a LSI 9300-8i controller.

Drives appear to disconnect randomly from a LSI 9300-8i SAS3 controller during normal operation. A disconnect can be made to happen quickly by running the command “zpool trim rpool” and the SA500 the drives will disconnect from the backplane within minutes. Only by limiting the trim to 100MB/s will the trim finish with “zpool trim -r 104857600 rpool”.

So far in the last three days, the SA500 drives have disconnected more than two dozen times and have left my ZFS pool in a degraded state multiple times. I have to keep putting the drive back online after ZFS kicks it out due to errors.

Something is seriously wrong with the SA500 drives. I don’t have issues with SAS SSDs for other SATA SSDs such as the Crucial MX500, Samsung EVO SSDs, etc. Western Digital must have known NAS drives would be going into ZFS systems behind LSI controllers.