WD Red Pro 4Tb keeps spinning and hot temprature

I use windows 7 64bit

I bought new HDD(WD Red pro 4Tb) and formatted it as 1 disk.

I didn’t input data in new disk and worked with other drive.
After 10 min, I heard HDD spinning and it was new disk and It was too hot.

I thought it was wrong disk and I refunded the HDD to new one.

And it happended again.

Are there any thing I can do to stop HDD spinning while idle status? or formware to download or somthing else to solve this problem.

And are there anyone having same situation with mine?

Hello there,

Have you tried running a diagnostic on the drive to see if there is something wrong with this specific drive, I would recommend contacting support for further assistance on this matter. Try to diagnose the drive using this software if you are using the drive on a windows computer: