WD Red + HP N54L Microserver + Ubuntu Server

Hi guys,

Just a quick question about the WD Red with Nasware 2.0.

I would like to install it into a HP N54L Server running Ubuntu server. Does the Wd Red have any problems with the nasware 2.0 features running under ubuntu? If it does, then it wouldn’t be worth investing in a Red.

I don’t plan on running Windows on the server, only Linux.



You can check the following link to see the compatibility
list with the WD Red.  http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=810

NASware is built into every WD Red hard drive, to help improve NAS storage performance by reducing common hard drive concerns in NAS systems (Compatibility, integration, upgradeability, reliability and cost-of-ownership).  


I’m also checking possibilty to use 4TB Red drive (WD40EFRX) with HP N54L Microserver (Linux) and almost

have bought one. But while surfing for opinions abt WD40EFRX I’ve found some remarks (NAS forums) stating that there is increasing LoadCycleCount issue with this model.

Is it possible for WD staff to advise should I wait for the drive new firmware to solve above issue or should I go to 3TB Red model.

Besides the generic response from WD. Has anyone had any luck with this setup? I imagine the drives run, I’m just not sure if the firmware runs correctly in Ubuntu.