WD Red drives and Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel fake/matrix raid)

So I am using 4x 2TiB WD Reds in a raid 5 using IRST, intel’s raid that it includes on certain chipsets for motherboards.

My question is how the TLER of the reds will interact with that chipset. If a raid controller like this does not directly communicate anything to the Red about how to manage sector errors, will the default behavior still be to only attempt recovery for 7 seconds? That is should this raid array not have anything drop due to sector errors despite not specifically dealing with errors on the red.

Hello Lunares, 

Yes, TLER is a feature that will work regardless of the controller card used. 


IRST is firmware raid, TLER will not see nor do anything in this situation or with software raid.

TLER only benefits from hardware raid controllers from what I have read.

I’ve run RE and non-RE drives with IRST for years and never had any issues.

Then again I’ve been lucky to have drives that simply work and thus never put into a recovery type situation either.

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