WD Red availability. Discontinued?

Western Digital,

I have had an order placed for two 2TB WD Red drives since the begining of September:cry:. I have now been told by my supplier in the UK that the drives have been discontinued by WD and will not be available:dizzy_face:.

Does anyone know what is happening with the supply of these drives to the UK?

Many thanks,


I donā€™t think thatā€™s true, try calling other distributors. Check the link below for other options.


No UK distributers appear to have any stock. Ā Iā€™ve been online stalking them for weeks.

WD wonā€™t give an ETA, either. Ā The whole thing looks like a bad joke. Ā Itā€™s not reassuring when the whole point of a RAID is that you can get replacement disks at short notice.

I will look into this and see if I can find something out.