WD Red as single desktop drive

I’m planning to buy a WD HDD as a drive for file storage. I’ll have my OS, games and programs on SSD. I want reliable, quiet and cold HDD. I don’t need very much space, 1TB is enough.
So far WD Red is great and fulfills my every wish. But there is also a cheaper WD Blue! Users reviews are on Red’s side. For Blue many people complain about 8-seconds head parking and noise.
I would totally buy WD Red, but then I found aout about TLER. WD Red is designed for RAID systems, so it has limited time to read the sector and it doesn’t remap it if it fails, it just skips it and lets RAID controller to take care of it. This is my understanding of TLER.
This is where I am worried. I plan to use it as a single drive. Will this TLER cause problems for me while I use WD Red as a single drive? Or TLER is enabled only when you use HDDs in RAID?

Maybe a WD Black 1TB might be a better choice?

Black is much more expensive. And its noise level is higher. It is mainly used as HDD for system and games as very fast HDD, I need HDD for a storage, so I think Black is not an option.