WD Red actual duty cycle

Does anyone know the inteded actual duty cycle for the WD Red’s MTBF value?

Thanks in advance for any hints,

regards, Urk

Check the link below for info on that.


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WD Red Series Disti Spec Sheet:

The above document specifies a MTBF of 1 million hours “based on a typical NAS product environment under normal operating conditions”. I guess this means “always on 24x7” operation. However, it doesn’t specify the allowable temperature range. The article in Alucardx23’s link doesn’t clarify these conditions, either.

As for Annualized Failure Rate …

AFR = 8760 / MTBF = 8760 / 1,000,000 = 0.88%

Unfortunately that link has about nothing to do with the actual duty cycle of WD Red drives, which is a percentage value.

Moreover, that 2009 FAQ does not apply to WD RED drives.

AFD, MTBF and POH, in order to be declared all they assume a given duty cycle (10%, 20%, 30%, … 100%), which is what I’m looking for.

In the RED’s OEM sheet, WD also states that reliability data (MTBF, POH) only applies in a “Typical consumer/SOHO NAS workload at room ambient temperature.”

They don’t specify what - according to WD -  a “SOHO NAS workload” is (definitely without duty cycle and temperature ratings, POH and MTBF values are pretty useless, and intentionally misleading).