WD Red 8T availability

I’m just about to purchase a whole new set of NAS drives. I would certainly purchase WD. However, it seems that the alternative that I’m looking for is not yet there. Seagate has got it and I certainly would opt WD, but I need probably to rely on what’s existing … I’m afraid.

Seagate product release: http://blog.seagate.com/business/new-seagate-nas-hdd-8tb-delivers-highest-capacity-and-performance/?cmpid=smc-twitter-seagate-blog-NAS-sf43940188&source=smc-amer-twitter-seagate-blog+NAS&sf43940188=1

Status: Acknowledged.

Status: Implemented

8TB editions of both the WD Red (WD80EFZX) and WD Red Pro (WD8001FFWX) are now available.