WD Red 6TB nuked by wrong modular PSU cable

Replaced the Corsair SF600 PSU with EVGA SuperNova G2 850, but unfortunately one of the Type4 modular cables remained on the HDD line and connected to the G2 PSU.
SSDs survived, but WD Red not.

Regarding to the modular connector piouts it seems that the 5V line received 12V. Removed the PCB from the drive and checked the diodes and resistors with multimeter.


  • D3 was dead (short), therefore removed.
  • D4 seems the have around 200 Ohm resistance, I left it in place. The other direction is open as it should.
  • D5 seems strange, 181 Ohm, but from the other direction where it should be open, I measure 470 Ohm.
  • D6 seem to have the same, around 200 Ohm resistance. Other direction is open.


  • R43 (0 value resistor) around D5 and D3 is strange, I measured 15 Ohm
  • Rxx (0 value resistor) around D4 and D6 is short.

I assume I have to remove D5 as well and short R43 with something. Any confirmation or idea is highly appreciated as I haven’t deal with such situation so far.


Since the drive is nothing more than a piece of dead metal even with removed TVS diodes and shorted fuse resistors, I consider this topic closed.

If someone has a mechanical damaged 6TB WD Red, I would be a potentional buyer for that PCB board.