WD Red 4TB extended SMART test blocked at 90% completed


I have a Synology NAS filled with WD40EFRX. It is reporting “bad sectors” for a given disk. Thus I am trying to get a SMART health report.

The quick report doesn’t show much except for the Raw_Read_Error_Rate being at 15 whereas it is 0 for all my 4 other disks.

Therefore I am trying to run the extended SMART test such as :
smartctl -t long -d sat /dev/sdc

But it never complete even after being left running it for a week.

I am using “smartctl --all” to monitor the progress.
I can see it is going from 90% remaining down to 10% remaining but it stays there :

Self-test execution status: ( 241) Self-test routine in progress…
10% of test remaining.

Is there a known problem with the WD40EFRX disks and extended smart checks ?
Or could it be a hint of some troubles with that disk ?

What to do next ?



Hello, you could connect the drive to a computer and run DLG and check for errors, depending on the RAID you might be able without any down time or your NAS However you need to check with the manufacturer if its possible. You could also turn the NAS off connect it to the computer and run the DLG, just make sure not to format it so the information is still there.


Thanks for your answer.
Meanwhile I have been able to run successfuly the same test on another disk
of this NAS which was purchase at the same time as the “faulty” one. So it
is not a problem with the model and/or the NAS.

But it is still not completing for the drive in question. As such I need to
test it further.

Basically this disk is engaged in a RAID 5. So technicaly I could pull the
drive out of the NAS and test it somewhere else. But this would mean to
rebuild the RAID upon reinsertion ; “hammering” this disk in the process.
Instead I will try to shutdown the NAS over a night during the weekend in
order to test it directly with your DataLifeGuard software.



I have attached the disk directly on a computer and have run DLG on it.
After 1 hour and half the extented test stopped stating something such as “too many bad sectors to complete the test”.

I think that the next stop is to place a RMA request…