WD Red 4T WIndows 10 size problem

Hello! I’m on a new build with my first Gigabyte X570 Gaming X motherboard and a WD Red 4T hard drive. But Windows 10 refuses to utilize the entire drive - the 2T limitation, I guess. On my old motherboard, the drive was detected as UEFI and used, but it doesn’t show as UEFI on this one although it’s a UEFI BIOS by all accounts. Disk Management will not allow me to make any changes to it either in Windows or at the install screen, so I can’t change the boot format to GPT. Since the drive isn’t detected as UEFI on this board, frankly I’m a little afraid to try, but I do need access to the entire drive. Can someone PLEASE point me towards a relatively easy way to accomplish this? TIA!

If you are using the disk as a boot drive you will have to clean the disk and then install windows in uefi mode

I suggest a SSD for the boot and use the rust for secondary storage

Maybe you should create a system backup on it, and then delete partition and format WD Red 4 TB MBR to GPT. Then restore the system to WD Red, you could use the whole 4 TB hard disk.