WD Red 3TB controller card seems broken, how to reach the data?

My WD Red WD30EFRX 3TB NASware internal HDD drive won’t spin up.
Swapped the controller card with one from an identical drive, just to check for signs of live.
The other controller card makes it spin up, but data/drive are not recognized.
WD Dashboard support tool does see the drive as “Modelname: EFRX-68N32N0” (when connected through an external USB dock), but that’s it.
When connected directly to a SATA header on the mobo, de BIOS won’t see the drive.

Drive nor card was dropped or harmed or anything, just wouldn’t respond anymore after the NAS was powered down for a year or so.

Any ideas on how to get to the data on the drive are highly appreciated!
Is it possible at all to analyze, replace or repair the controller card?

Mode; = WD30EFRX-68EUZNO
prod date = 02 june 2017

Hi @KennyKP,

Please refer to the article recover Data from a Drive, Obtain a Circuit Board, Repair a Drive, or Find Data Recovery Partners:

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:https://support-en.wd.com/app/ask

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