WD red 3.0TB hard drive WD30EFRX diode D4 burnt

I connected mycloud to wrong power supply 30V

that cos D4 diode on PSB to got so hot ( the sponge melted on it )

one expert guy called @fzabkar advised to remove it only.

it works for other but not for me :frowning:

the PSB still get so hot from the same place and there is no movement in HD at all !! my PC can’t see it and mycloud gives blue light for 5 secs then red light.

when the issue started mycloud gives blinking purple light ( red+blue )

Note: my PSB NO is 2060-771945-002 REV A

any help?

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Did you ever figure anything out with this? I believe I just toasted my 2 TB, but can’t find all the locations. I found a D4, but with your lack of success, it wouldn’t make sense. Then I’ve see R64 in other boards, but I don’t see an R64.