WD Red 2 TB in external enclosure

I have purchased a 2 tb WD Red (WD20EFRX) to use as a standalone external drive (as backup to my MyCloud EX2 Ultra. Placed it into a NexStar 3/1 external enclosure. It powers up and is seen in the Control Panel (Windows 10) as USB 3.1 Device. Is not seen in MY PC under Devices and Printers (currently plugged directly to the PC).

My idea was to plug it into a usb port on the back of the MyCloud and then backup the MyCloud to this drive.

Sure need some help. Is the drive not compatible with the enclosure? Or what?

Thank you.

Have you been able to see it with Windows Disk Manager? If you see it there it might need to be “initialized” and formatted.

Thank you. That was it as WD Reds are formatted for Linux.


:+1: For success! Love a success story!