WD Red 12tb and larger capacities release date


since the Red product line is stuck at 10TB and there is much competition up to 14TB, when are there going to be 12TB models (and larger) for the Red and Red Pro lines?

Thank you in advance

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Yeah, I too would like to know an approximate release date for the 12TB Red! It seems long overdue.

Well, i need to change 4x 8TB in my personal NAS and about a dozen more in friends’ devices.

2x4=8TB more only if i upgrade to 10TB drives, but if 12TB drives come out, there is huge gain in space.

Would be great if there are plans for release in the next 2-3months

It doesn’t look like WD is going to give us any advance notice. They will only give us the release date on the day it’s released.

I guess you are right. I only hope that they release it one year after the 10TB model, which if i remember correctly it was released approx. July 2017.
It has to be in the works though, they wouldn’t let so much time pass between 10TB and 12TB, but they also have to grow some numbers for the Gold 12TB.

I had expected the 12TB WD Red August 2018 (extrapolating from release dates for the 8TB and 10TB; sorry I can’t reproduce that research now). I sure hope they come out with it (at lease, if not a 14TB WD Red!) before too long. I love this line, and need huge 5400 rpm HDDs that are as cool as this line.)

I would think that 5400 rpm HDDs would PRECEDE faster ones of a given capacity.

It’s also odd that they don’t tease products, so that those of us who then might be willing to wait would.

I can’t stand it anymore. Where are Red drives > 10TB?!

Nah…could not wait…i got other 12TB NAS drives for me, friends and clients.

Maybe i get WD again on the changeover to >14TB drives…sorry, too much silence about updates from a very well product line…

Does any company make 5400 rpm HDDs of 12TB or larger?

(My application absolutely requires cooler operating temperatures than 7200 rpm drives provide, and those Toshiba drives dswv42 linked to are 7200 rpm drives.)

Your guess is not correct. My application is a FANLESS media player. Not only am I in general very disinclined to put a HDD in anything fanless, but this (otherwise) excellent media player has a solid history of killing NAS HDDs that are not 5400rpm.

In other words it’s essential that I use the coolest possible HDD for a given capacity. Normally I don’t care much about HDD failure because I back up everything…EXCEPT giant HD video files that I’d like to minimise the chances I’ll have to waste my very limited time to re-gather.

When I purchased my 8TB Red I compared it’s specs for power consumption and temp with the Red Pro and the Ironwolf lines, and the 7200 rpm HDD were higher and the user community for the fanless media player believes that’s why it kills them.

I wish the answer were as easy as “get a media player with a fan”, but the popular acceptance of streaming content has led to a narrowing of easy and affordable good choices.

p.s. As regards NAS HDDs I completely agree with you; in a well-ventilated NAS I wouldn’t give a ■■■■ about power/temp.

I get it. I’m sure most people who come here for help don’t deserve the assumption that they know what they’re talking about.

…at last…