WD ReadyView Playback Problems - Overheating?

After installing my first camera and setting up the NVR I saw some problematic behavior:

I have it set to continuous record, however, you can see in the picture that between 18:00 and 19:00 the recording appears to have many many gaps (gaps in the blue line). Also, the playback button was grey and would not playback anything (even where the blue bars existed). Live view worked, but nothing I could do seemed to enable playback. The unit seemed dysfunctional and required a power off reboot.

I’m wondering if it overheated, I took a short cut in placement location, and suspect it may have overheated as I didn’t put the NVR in an air conditioned cooled room and the ambient temp was 105F. The disk reported temperature was 55C (131F), which is high, but below the 65C spec for a purple drive, pointing my IR heat gun through the plastic NVR box vents showed 127F which is obviously consistent with the disk self reporting.

If I need to move this inside for air conditioning I’m going to need to put it in a bedroom, but the internal fan is pretty noisy, any suggestions?

WD ReadyView Advanced User Manual