WD Re4 (WD2000FYYZ) noise


I just bought a new harddisk into my computer, a 2TB WD Re4 (WD2000FYYZ). I built in, and started a few tests, and it seems very noisy. I have at hand some WD Black, Green and Blue, and neither of them have any sound, they are pretty silent.

Here, I did some videos:

  1. On this video, I started a quick smart test:


  1. On this video, from ~0:04, you “can hear” the WD Blue under a seek test, built-in the PC (pretty basic PC case, there’s no any damping or anything between the case and the WD Blue, suddenly, that PC was the easiest to disassambly for the test). In the second half of the video, the same seek test with the WD Re4.

Note, that there’s some ambient noise on the first few seconds of the video, maybe from the camera, I don’t know.

There are some comments on the video to sign the proper moments.


I’m curious, whether this is a normal noise of the harddisk, or is it a faulty device?


Edit: also, if I touch the harddisk, under the tests, I can feel the “hammering” pretty intensively.

Hi hodrob,

The noise doesn’t sound abnormal to me. Some of the desktop drives are designed to be quieter since they are in a personal computer and not in a datacenter where noise is an issue. However, if you think that it is an issue with the drive you can try to replace it through the place of purchase or through an RMA. I included some links below.

Drive Noise


How to Get an RMA


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Perhaps the following Support article will be able to assist:


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