WD RE-4 GP wd2002fyps raid 10 possible?

Hi all just a bit of advce please,
Well i have 4 for the RE–4 GP 2TB hdd’s on an adaptec 1430se raid card, 2 in a raid0 and 2 in a raid1. They been very happy and not once let me down since I’ve had them, 5 years or so. but I’ve finally pretty much filled them up and was thinking of getting 4 more and getting a new raid card perhaps the lsi MegaRAID 9266-8i and setting them as a raid 10 giving me super performance and plenty of space to keep me going for the next 5 years. Now im just not 100% if these drives are ok for this as ive read that reds are the best for raid arrays, so id just like to ask for some advice before i maybe do the wrong thing. thanks Jay.


That sounds amazing. Let’s see if any of the users can share some information that might help the community.

Just make sure that the RAID card that you are getting works fine with the WD Red drive.

If it was me, in that case I would go for the RE instead of Red/Red pro.

cheers bruno, yes i would obviously prefer the RE’s myself, as i already have 4. just hoped someone may of known if they’re raid 10 compatible.