WD Raptor No Longer Recognized

My WD 1500ADFD Raptor which contained my Windows 7 OS startup disk is no longer recognized. Upon startup of my workstation, the hard disk is not found. My other data disk is found. Checked Bios. Removed hard drive and plugged it in to my Mac, not recognized by OSX either by using ntsf mounter or Disk Utility. Plugged it in to my Windows laptop, not recgonized by Windows 7 in device manager nor in computer management.

Disk spins when powered.

Is the drive dead? 


please check the drive has any strange sounds or no when power up. like clicking  noise. what did you done on it before?

There is a clicking sound upon startup. Then nothing.

One thing, emailed WD Support directly and as instructed, I will be returning the drive under warranty.