Wd raid thunderbolt encryption

Hi everyone,

I´m in big trouble and hope I can find someone who can help me.

I have a WD raid 4tb thunderbolt, the portable one. The thunderbolt cable included in the case is faulty. Both drives inside are ok, already tested it, the case also because it flashes the light but doesn’t mount the disks.

Here in local stores, they advised me to replace the thunderbolt cable but I can´t find any like those on the market and due to the encryption of the disks, the information inside is useless. Priceless for my business but useless because I can´t read it.

So, what can I do? Does anyone have or had a similar problem like these?

And this is for WD: what is the point of having a unity that claims to be super secure, using a RAID 1 system, if a simple problem like a faulty cable can blow everything up?
Should have thought about this before, I know!!

Thank you all in advance.

Best regards,
Bruno Costa

Hello, tstellers

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support