WD Raid Manager OSX - Version mess

The WD Raid Manager for OSX (WD MyBook Studio2 Raid) has serious versioning problems.

The installer is named “WD_DRIVE_MANAGER_Installer_3_0_1.zip”.

When installed, the finder menu sais “WD Drive Manager 2.2.7”

and if you open the raid manager > About it sais “1.1.4”.

Are you kidding?


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I’ve passed this along for someone to look at. 

These are not versioning problems.  The initial version 3.0.1 represents the installer used to install the Drive Manager on the Mac.  The Drive Manager, itself, has its own version, 2.2.7.  And the Raid Manager is its own software working within the Drive manager utility to manage the raid. It has its own version 1.1.4.

Thanks for the info.

Wow. What WD does here is dissapointing. From a customer point of view, it is a mess.

If you installed WD Raid Manager and after some month, you want to check if there’s a newer version, you’re struggling, because the version mentions a program detail version, not your installer version.

For me as a customer, a global version is of interest, not an installer, or sub-application version. What about creating an own version for the version screen :confounded: ?

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Whether I understand it or not, I’m sure the product people have their reasons for doing it this way.  But I’m not saying you don’t have a point.