WD Quick View

I purchased two MyBookLive 2Tb drives.  First drive has LED always flasing green. WD Tech Installtion support said it was nothing to worry about. Hmm(?)  Second froze during Firmware upgrade. Finally got firmware upgraded on both drives. WD Quick View is handy, I like to use it to check on the drives - % used, temp. I was also told I should uninstall Shareware if I wasn’t going to use it. I use another product for backups.  Then WD Quick View disappeared from one PC. I’m running Windows XP Pro SP 3 (PC with problem) another PC with same OS and two with Windows 7 Pro. I tried to reinstall from CD and can’t Discover drives. Tried downloading WDSoftware Upgrader, but it won’t install.  

Any suggestions are welcome to installing WD Quick View.

Ok, first suggestion: You need to post in the Network drives forum, they can assist you better.