WD Quick View

after downloading the latest firmware for MyCloud Mirror, WD QuickView now shows 0% used and temperature unknown.

the links within Quick view work for smartware but not for the MyCloud dashboard.

any solutions ?

amended, the links within Quickview are now both working

@Geoff15 WD QuickView and WD Smartware are not supported on My Cloud OS 5.

My Cloud OS 5 Release Notes

It’s a shame that WD finished Quickview, Smartware without an alternative. Fortunately I found AOMEI to sync and bach-up. Works with W19, OS3 and OS5. BIG insults towards all Your customers this update.
The 24/7 syncing with Smartware took a lot of energy from Your computer. With AOMEI every thing goes smoothly without problem.

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Hey there!

I also had to uninstall Smartware, WD Sync, Quickview and Acces…

Which version AOMEI are you using? I have the Backupper Pro but the “Test-Sync” didnt work as planned. I set up the “real-time Sync”. but the new files haven’t been syncronized

Also - after setting up a the Sync folders manually - i notices the app doesnt run in the background. ANd I also cant set up a daily plan.
Do I have to start the AOMEI Sync manually each time?
Thanks in advance