WD Quick View, WD Access Mapping of NAS Drives

Using a windows 10 system connected to MY Cloud PR4100. I have found it very hard to keep a persistent mapping, if I am able to get the share to Map. WD Quick View does not show any of the menus after showing the NAS. This means I cannot select Map. The same with WD Access. I would like to move/copy data quickly to my NAS. I did have a tech walk me through resetting my system and had mapping after this was done. The next day the mappings were gone. I have checked all of the setting that we previously had put in place and they were all good. I had reset my Modem, NAS and Computer but this did not help. I changed the name of the NAS and made new certificates. This did not help. I see a lot of questions on the mapping issue. I have also tried Powershell for a persistent mapping but it would not show up in Windows 10. Firmware is the latest as is all software installed. I have googled all of the Videos and checked my settings repeatedly no help. Any other suggestions, I am open to them.

Hi PatriotChief,

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To anyone having issues with mapping to their NAS drives. Try the following.

  1. Turn off any and all firewalls, try to remap if this does not work reboot your computer and retry Mapping.
  2. Once you are able to map Turn on your Firewalls one at a time each time try mapping. If you find that you are able to map with your settings turn your computer off and restart it. If the mappings are persistent then you should be good to go. If not check your fire wall settings and down grade your firewall settings, once again, map and turn your computer off and see if the setting are set. If they are find the differences between the down graded setting and your original settings. You can then find what setting is causing you the issue.
  3. I also found this also affected the WD apps once resolved they worked as they should.
  4. If Antivirus is causing you an issue put an appropriate rule that will allow the applications since some antivirus and firewalls tend to work together at times.
  5. WD support I hope this helps! I believe I have resolved my issues at this time. Thank you for your Assist!