WD Quick View Mac 10.5

Hi Folks - Have tried and tried with no luck to get Quick View to work after re-start. The prog. ran fine until re-start. Have re-installed off original CD and downloaded 2.2.05 with the same results, activity monitor show the app under inactive processes and if one tries to launch the app from the library it doesnt open. Is WD working on this issue? Several here have posted with no solution in sight. I have the app running on 2 windows machines without issue (though I havent re-started those yet! Please advise.


They should be working on that.  Have you try contacting then directly to see if they have a fix?

No I was hoping a rep might respond here with status on an updated file…

To my understanding this is a user to user forum… if you need a direct answer from WD you might need to contact then directly… 

Contact info:


Are you using Power PC or Intel ?

Recent changes to how code signing works for Mountain Lion forced us to only support Intel platforms…

Hi Tony - Thanks for the reply, I’m running 10.5 Leopard on an Intel based Macbook Pro.



ok - that is good. It should work!

Some things that will help us:

We need a Console log from your system –

Open Console, clear Display

Then reboot the Mac, if QV (Quickview) is not auto-lauched, open Console->Select All->Copy->Paste all the text into a new  text file, and send this text file to me (PM me).

QuickView installer adds QuickView.app on all user’s “Login Items”.  After reboot, Mac OS should try to launch the QuickView.app. Maybe something on your machine is preventing the  OS from launching the app.