WD Quick View lying about used disc space

Anyone noticed that WD Quick View is showing 0% disc space used when in a matter of fact that is not true?

Quickview communicates with the My Book Live via REST calls. It is likely that something is blocking it, or it hasn’t updated yet.

Thanks. Strange…  Worked on my laptop and my main computer.  Since updating the firmware WD Quick View works fine on my main computer but on the laptop the space used report is 0%.

Nor a problem to be honest.  The MBL’s working fine.  Dashboard UI hiccups now and again. Mostly when there is a safepoint back-up job active.

All good fun.  :smileyvery-happy:

Did you update the SmartWare to the latest version on that laptop? That could be the issue as I think we updated quickview on the latest SmartWare version.

Good point!  No, I didn’t.  I don’t use SmartWare.  Shall update QuickView and report back soon.  Thanks for that Tony.  :smiley: